The 10 Branding trends for 2015

The Top 10 Branding trends for 2015

The top ten Branding trends for 2015, brought to you by W5 Partners marketing consultancy. These 10 tips will give marketers and business owner’s insights on trends that will give them the head start against their competition in 2015. Branding w5 Partners              

Branding trends 2015:

  1. Even more experience:
As customers have begun to take control of how the market works and how influence over purchase decisions are made, 2015 will see consumers become even more fuelled by wanting more personalisation, customisation and immediate experiences.  
  1. Consumer empowerment:
As the consumer experiences more personalised service as well as quicker speeds and intervals thanks to mobile and desktop technology. They will be now more than ever empowered to decide whether brands will survive or fail. Ensuring a full marketing mix strategy that meets all your consumers’ needs, will fuel the customer empowerment like never before.  
  1. Real engagement from brands:
Gone will be the days where simple brand awareness and imagery will suffice to keep your customer engaged with your brand. Real communication and interactions with brands will now ensure your brand awareness as well as how it will be perceived.  
  1. Big Expectations:
A brands greatest advantage would be to know what their consumers expect of them! Knowing this will give brands a heads-up as to where they should be focusing their attention and marketing efforts. Remember if you aren’t doing it, your competitors will be.  
  1. Real time engagement:
Being able to respond to customers in real-time over non-face to face communication mediums such as the phone or even more importantly over the internet will increase brands profitability com[aired to competitors. As consumers become more interested in speeding up the interaction processes, brands who evolve with this trend will be better able to stay ahead of the game.  
  1. Stop counting visits in 2015:
Business brands should stop counting how many visits and likes they have, but should begin focusing on how many interactions they have, as brand engagement is the new measurement metric for 2015.  
  1. Brands must leverage emotions:
Brands will have to begin leveraging off of the emotional ties consumers have with their products or services. By utilizing the emotional bonds to create stories, engagement and differentiation a brand will be able to use emotional ties and values to win over the consumer’s loyalty.
  1. Storytelling:
Storytelling telling from the part of brand needs to be less about entertainment, but should rather have more intrinsic value to consumers, ultimately playing on their emotions to meet the customer’s believability. 9. Equalize your traditional and digital shopping experience: As consumers begin moving their shopping experiences to the online sphere, brands will need to ensure that there are a variety of online methods that can be used for consumers to make purchases. Capitalising on this will ensure a more effective way of attaining customer purchases. 10.  Super charge your shopping experience As mentioned in the last point, digital and online shopping need to go hand in hand with traditional shopping experiences. By upgrading your online business profile where digital assistance becomes a reality, your brand will be able to increase the shopping experience for all customers. These ten brand trends for 2015 are sure to provide businesses with opportunities on how to best engage their consumers for the coming year. By adopting and applying some of these suggested tactics to your business model you will indeed be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and win the share of the market. To find out more about BRANDING and MARKETING CALL W5 Partners TODAY, and let us assist you in building your brand for 2015. CONTACT W5 Partners today. 011 325 5855 (JHB)

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