5 Signs indicating that you need marketing management through a marketing agency

When starting a business the main focus of the owner or business partner is ensuring the sustained profitability of the business through sales. Over time as a business grows and progresses it would be high time that the key stakeholders become aware of your services and offerings. Therefore, at this point in time, many individuals would probably wonder how marketing their business could improve their business results.

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The big question on most individual’s minds is how do I know when it is time to hand over my businesses marketing strategy to a professional in the industry who can take care of my needs?

1) My leads are no good!

Do you ever wonder why are you getting so many calls or interactions that never turn into anything but an interaction? This could be because you or your team are not targeting or aligning your self’s appropriately with the right audiences. By allowing a Marketing agency to learn your processes and integrate it with their professional strategies this will allow them to redefine and adjust your marketing in way that will yield real results.

2) I do not yield the appropriate marketing skills needed!

May business owners struggle with their limited knowledge of marketing and it is noting to be ashamed of. More than 90% of businesses fail within their first five years of existence. This is because they all believe they can market their businesses by themselves without the assistance of skilled and talented marketing professionals. Bring a marketing agency to the forefront marketing management problems will give your business the boost it needs to beat its competitors in a congested marketing sphere.

3) Disappointing sales figures

Are you finding that your sales are stagnant regardless if you are offering the most unique and tailored services! This could be because you are ineffectively promoting your products through the wrong channels and mediums. By allowing a marketing management consultancy team to come into your business and conduct deep insight research you will come away with the information and strategies you will need to build and position your business brand to where it needs to be.

4) Results or opportunities missed

Marketing at times can be a bit tricky and you may not always receive the results you intended to see. This is not a unique occurrence as many world recognised businesses have all faced instances where hundreds if not millions where spent on campaigns that did not work. By conducting some research into your marketing plans and endeavours you will be able to estimate where your best opportunities lie and where you should avoid placing budget again in the future.

5) I want marketing but do not know if I have the budget?

Hiring staff to fulfil the various roles associate with marketing management can become a very costly expense each month. Whether you are focusing on digital marketing (PPC, SEO, Social Media etc) or if you are focused more on traditional advertising and marketing (TV, Radio, Billboards, Newspapers etc) then your internal marketing cost may begin racking up quite hefty budgets month on month. By extending these services to a marketing agency business partner you are able to tailor your budget to meet your needs in a more effective way.

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