The Best Way to Create Brand Exposure and Awareness

Getting your brand out there should be number one on your list of things to do. It doesn’t matter if you offer the greatest service in the world, or if your establishment makes Faulty Towers look like the Hilton, if people don’t know about your brand it’s affecting your bottom line. People are exposed to millions of brands every day and it’s easy for companies to get lost in the madness. who is your brand   But remember, exposure doesn’t always translate into brand awareness. Exposure equals mentions, media mentioning your brand is exactly what you want, but you could be mentioned several times yet your consumer still doesn’t know who you are. In short mentions is how much someone talks about you, and awareness is being in your consumer’s head.

 Change with the times

Since the creation of the first computer and the introduction of the Internet, society has moved at a rapid pace. The way people consume has changed and in order to make sure that you stand out in a world of consumerism you need to make sure you are original. Simply handing out flyers and sending people the occasional mailer isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to be social and interact with your consumers.

 Building Brand Awareness

The key to getting brand awareness is to be top of mind and constantly communicating with your consumer. Here are four tips to help you build your brand awareness:
  1. Take advantage of the social media
Firstly get to know your platforms and then decide what will work best for your brand. Facebook and Twitter are a must but do you want to be on Instagram, Google Plus, pinterest? You also might what to create a blog. All these platforms allow you to speak TO your consumers.
  1. Start using content marketing
Use interesting content to bring people to you. Write interesting, relevant content articles and give your consumer something to remember you by and to share.
  1. Use Search Engine Optimisation
If someone hears about your brand on the radio, in a magazine or even via word-of-mouth and they want to find out more about you, they’ll search for you. If they can’t find you, they’ll move on.
  1. Stand out
Move with the times and make sure that whatever exposure you are getting doesn’t just translate into an unread article, but builds your consumer’s awareness of your brand. Be more personal with your consumers.

Never Stop Advertising

When a business starts struggling and isn’t meeting targets, the first thing they do is drop their advertising spend. This is a mistake that could cost you more than what you think you’re saving. Big companies like Nike, McDonalds and Apple have all created a strong brand, one that everyone around the world knows about. Yet they still spend millions on advertising every year – why? Because once you’ve built brand awareness and gotten yourself out there, it’s key to remain top of mind with your consumers.  

W5 Partners understands your needs as a brand, we don’t just advice, we give you insight into your consumers and help you create the content you need.

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