Do your employees understand their business?

Is your business your staff’s business? Does your company management recognise this? And if so, are your employees receiving the benefit of your services, as are your clients? No matter how small a company is, one of the most important educational tools is to ensure all new staff members attend a company induction course, and, at regular intervals, every employee is updated on new company developments, business goals and results.

Return on Investment

At W5 Partners our business is our staff’s business. We believe that human capital is one of the most important investments a company makes, and like any other investment is expected to deliver a return. However, without updating staff with the latest happenings and relevant information, as well as ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the business operations and divisions, an awareness ‘deficit’ can take hold and render certain key operatives stagnant, thus hampering overall growth.

Knowledge Sharing

W5 Partners’ integrated information sharing model not only educates, but also provides important operational insights and assessments. Partnering divisions through practical engagement in a mentor-style programme is an innovative way to educate, create enthusiasm and stimulate performance. In addition, the more knowledgeable an employee is perceived, the more proud that person is to be part of that company and position they hold within the organisation. W5 recognises that this personal measurement can be identified as one of the most important attributes in the human capital value chain.

Are they also clients?

Yes, your employees are also your clients, but a different communication strategy is applied to this market sector. The business nature your company services will dictate the trading persona, so a staff member may not be a purchaser, but most certainly qualifies as a spokesperson. Being proud of where one works and demonstrating that attitude not only at work but in all environments, is indicative of the value of employee investment which results in positive outcomes across all segments of a company.

Keeping the lines open

The core of success across any industry, product or service, is cemented in the basic principles of integrated communication from a wide range of touch points. The learnings and insights generated by knowledge sharing provide a synergised seamless working model for effective investment and business results.

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