Don’t Buck the Trend

Trend Spotting – it’s the buzz phrase used throughout multiple industries, across a multitude of activities, to identify consumer behaviour, habits, expressions and interpretations related to purchasing performance.

Trend Persona

By recognising patterns, trend spotters consider current trends from different perspectives, including economic, cultural, political and geographical, to seek out differentiators and progressions in consumerism and the different approaches to purchasing behaviour.

Watch and Observe

Top notch marketing consultancies employ trend spotters to better assist their clients in conceptualising the best communication initiatives. Using innovative methods, a persona of consumer behaviour is built by defining a range of characteristics pertinent to how they perceive themselves, their social positioning, buying patterns, likes and dislikes, as well as the expression of their emotional and engagement values.

More and more, savvy businesses are relying on the partnership with their marketing consultancies for expert strategic direction to tackle evolving consumer habits, and to understand what drives these rapid changes, both in first-world and emerging markets.

The practice of trend spotting is the antidote to the consumer purchasing revolution. It interprets and identifies the motivation, innovation and transformation of purchasing habits

Cementing the client/marketing partnership requires both parties to acknowledge, at the outset, that to attain the best results, they are playing on the same team and both want a win-win result. Although many clients want instantaneous, tangible results, they are aware that in reality, it’s not possible, and the investment portion of their operating budgets in well-constructed marketing campaigns conceptualised by reputable, well-staffed marketing consultancies, offers a guaranteed solution.

Start your marketing revolution! It’s about being connected, and partnering with the smart communicators.

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