The importance of building a corporate brand culture

It’s a brand new age of creativity, technology and transparency. In a world where every move you make is monitored, your brand culture is a vital aspect of your company. Slapping together an external brand image will no longer work, people are social and with access to information at their fingertips, your consumers want to know your brand inside and out. Corporate brand culture For any brand to operate in modern day society it has to become an entity, a being that people can interact with and respond to. Every point of contact the consumer has with your brand needs to be consistent and live within a culture that makes your consumer feel connected to the brand.

The Promise

As a brand, you’ve made a promise to your consumer, whether it’s a promise of reliable products or excellent service, ask yourself – does your brand culture match your promise? If not, then your brand culture could end up hurting your brand. Your promise begins with a positive interaction with your product or service, but will extend to what people see of your company online and through interaction with employees. Once a consumer finds a connection with your brand, much like they would any relationship, they become loyal to you. If you bring them into your world and give them an ethos to believe in, they will stay. However, the moment your consumer has a negative interaction with your brand their loyalty will shift.

How do you start building your brand culture?

• Core Values The first thing you need to do is define your brand’s core values. What is it that your brand stands for? What do you want to achieve as a brand? Then… it’s time to start living these values. Simply putting them up on a wall for all to see won’t do the trick. Build them into your interviewing process, make sure you’re bringing them through when dealing with your consumer. • Working from the inside out It’s imperative that you start from the inside. Remember, your employees are your best brand ambassadors. If they are buying what you are selling, metaphorically speaking, then you’ve already started building a culture that will help build your brand. Take some time to find out what your employees’ impression of your brand is and if they have no idea, it’s time to start educating them. Make sure they know what your core values are and that they understand why those values are important. • Encourage input The people who work on your brand and with your consumers every day know where the cracks line. Encourage them to give feedback on everyday encounters. Giving employees their own voice in the company builds self-confidence and improves productivity, which will translate to a better experience for the consumer. W5 Partners is a marketing agency that knows their way around branding. They understand the benefit of building your brand culture and know how to get the best out of your brand. Call W5 Partners today to help your business move into the future. W5 Patrners marketing consultancy contact us icon
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