The Importance of Shopper Research

What is shopper research and is it important?

Many brands are operating in a world where the consumer has all the control, and it is now the job role of a brand to provide consumers with a happy shopping experience. It has been brought about by the over cluttered amount of competitors who are all fighting for the same consumers attention. One of the ways in which brands have focused their attention to gain their share of the market, is by adding value to their customers lives. That has included offering incentives, promotional material and discounts on major products.

Shopper Research

Shopper research is unique in the way that it provides businesses and brands with data and information that they require to understand how the consumers mind works. The research investigates a shopper’s thinking, their attitudes and behaviour, to allow brands to understand how to tailor their offerings – to meet the consumer demands. By being able to understand the way your audience approaches your products or services you as a brand will need to be able to ensure that you meet the needs and desires of the consumer. Through better preparation, you can ensure a tailored shopping experience for any occasion or season.

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Influence is key

Making a sale is never an easy process especially in highly competitive industries. Understanding how to influence perception will allow the brand to impact on how a shopper makes his/her decision.

Focus on the five “Ws.”

• Who • What • Where • When • Why

The Who: It’s crucial to establish a firm understanding of who your target audience is and how they will attribute to your business. Once you’ve established ‘the who’, message content and purpose can be unique for each audience type.

The What: For any successful business or brand, it’s imperative to analyse the actions that your audience will take. Determine what they are buying and how it aligns with their needs and requirements.

The Where: With a myriad of avenues available, customers can buy your product from e-commerce sites, physical stores or anything with easy access.

The When: It’s important to know when you are most likely to find you target audience, by focusing your research on timeliness and seasonality you should be able to pinpoint the appropriate moments in time.

The Why: Asking what the driving force behind the motivation leading consumers to purchase a product is one of the most important factors to consider, as this give brands the knowledge and information they require in order to influence a buyers purchasing decision.

By taking these steps and several other factors into consideration, a brand will be able to find the golden key insights they require to build their influence in a shopper’s purchase decision. Understanding the behaviour and thoughts of an adverse and strong willed target audience will give brands the greater chance of owning the majority share of the market.

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