Marketing Trend 2015 | Brand Sacrifice

A powerful question consumers will be asking brands

Today brands are moving into a space where they acknowledge that consumers expect things from them. However, the extent to which this has developed has seen consumers not only want things from brands, but consumer also want brands to do things for them.

The road of marketing for 2015

Brand Sacrifice- This is the going to be new expected trend era in marketing for 2015. It’s because consumers are experiencing a shift in their way of thinking and are moving away from the idea of how can you help me, too – what are you going do for me today?

Explaining the aforesaid in a more simplified manner can be done by comparing how society is changing and acknowledging how an individual is being influenced by ideological lifestyles and behaviours. CSR- is going to be changing the way things are done dramatically for brands. Gone will be the days, where brand Corporate Social Responsibility will speak to endless consumer scepticism, rather real acts of endorsement and sacrifice will have to be implemented in order to gain the trust of consumers.

Consumers are now leaving brands with the age old message of ‘do as I say, and not as I do’. Thus, brands will have to begin to make true on their CSR promises and do more than just talk. Talking will become a thing of the past and acting on promises will undoubtedly be a SACRIFICE, brands will have to make.

Why will consumers act this way?

Many individuals at this point are probably wondering, why the consumer trend is going to be moving in this direction. It is because; consumers want to live a guilt-free consumption lifestyle, and would rather have brands make the sacrifices, so that they don’t have to.

We know that many individuals who make up our consumer audiences agree that in order to save the planet we all have to cut down on our exorbitant use of products made from precious resources. Consequently, we have begun to see that consumers are actively making sacrifices of their own, to cut down on consumption and reduce their footprint they leave behind.

Although this is not always the case for many of the remaining consumers audiences, who make up the majority of end-users. Studies have shown that this range of consumers is gradually shifting their focus from self-sacrifice of consumption to continued self-indulgence. Therefore resulting in consumers shifting their guilt onto brands, to make the visible and meaningful SACRIFICES in their processes, productions and operations. In order to make the world a better place for consumers.

2015 is ultimately going to change the game and the way that consumers stay loyal to brands. By ensuring that your business brand meets the needs of your consumers, you as a brand will have to begin to make some much-needed SACRIFICES.

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