How to Re-Build my Brand in 2015

As we begin a fresh start to the New Year, many companies are still finding themselves stuck in a brand identity crisis, due to various factors like their lack of re-branding and competitor marketing operations. Thankfully 2015, gives businesses an opportunity to start fresh and begin anew. As many companies across South Africa will know, there is always a need to remain in the customers mind, however this can at times be very difficult thanks to all the competition that exists out there. In this article we are going to be looking at how businesses can re-brand themselves in a congested business environment, in order to stay – top of mind when it comes to your customers. Luckily for smaller businesses this more achievable due to the possibility of quicker turn around times. However, on the other end of the spectrum bigger businesses will generally find this to be a longer process depending on the budgets and resources available to them. how to re-build your brand in 2015

Re-branding my Business

  • Re-look your brand image and corporate identity
A brands image is a vital part of a brands existence. The brand logo and corporate identity give consumers and employees an identifiable core value. Having a strong brand image and logo, gives a business brands the opportunity to be recognised by a target audience. Without having a prominent business identification a brand can be easily lost between all it competition. Using 2015 to re-brand your businesses look and feel, will allow the brand to start fresh and build a new target pool, while still being able to retain the already existing one. At W5 Partner we know how challenging it can be at times to develop a brand overhaul, and this is why we would love to partner with you to help you in achieving your re-branding goals.
  • Offer a value added incentive
Whether you are a supplier of products in super markets or if you are a vehicle manufacturer, offering clients a valued added incentive will give them a reason to consider your brand over the others. Consumers are always looking for the best deal and this doesn’t meant that you as a brand need to give products or services away for free. But, rather offer them something that makes the purchase unique to your brand. For example, offering a percentage discount or a buy two get one free special promotion, is a sure way to attract the attention of those much needed customers.
  • Corporate social responsibility
Nowadays we all know what corporate responsibility is. Right?… Clearly not, many companies focus on providing a good act responsibility towards their communities. However, the problem comes in where businesses assume that it is a once off thing and as a result they will gain corporate recognition. The truth is that making their social responsibility act a continuous role and it cannot be expected that a business receive local support if they are not continuously doing something to help their communities. So remember business owners and managers, in building your brand identity through corporate social responsibility – you need to make sure it is a sustainable and continuous process.  
  • Be present on digital channels
Having an online presence allows business brands to engage more immediately and instantaneously with customers who follow them. This platform is an important platform to be on, as many individuals both customers and businesses are using this space to connect with their favourite brands. Using a social media platforms allows businesses who are in a re-branding phase to connect with consumers or target audiences to inform them and to engage with them on the new an exciting things that are happening to the brand.   If you would like to learn more about how to re-brand your business or even begin branding your new brand. Why not CONTACT W5 PARTNERS TODAY, and lets us help you and your business achieve brand excellence.

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