The Real Reasons Why You’re Struggling With Brand Loyalty

The Real Reasons Why You’re Struggling With Brand Loyalty

Connecting with your consumer has always been an important need of every company, and whether you’re a small business just starting out, or a multi-million dollar corporate giant, brand loyalty takes centre stage. But times have changed, consumers no longer consume brands the same way. People are social, the internet has given everyone the opportunity to choose who they want to interact with and essentially, you want them to choose your brand.

The real reason why you’re not succeeding is that you’re not marketing the right way. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Instagram… all these mediums have created a new breed of consumer, one that wants what they want now. Consumers who like to feel like they can speak to their beloved brands. So even when you’re running a radio or TV ad, you need to remember that the consumer you are talking to has changed.

Social Media and the Like

Social media has created a sense of connection among people. This means that your brand has to be ever present and communicating with your consumer. Using social media to your advantage is a given, but most companies don’t use it correctly. People want to be spoken TO, not talked AT, and this is where brands lose customers. If the only thing you ever post on your social media feeds and blogs are ads for your product, and you’re constantly regurgitating the same content over all your mediums, people will stop interacting with you – and you never want that.

So what should you do?

• Step away from your product for a moment: give your consumer something fun and interesting to read that relates to your brand, but that doesn’t push a specific product.

• Ask questions: use your Facebook and Twitter feeds to throw out fun, relevant questions and start a conversation.

• Interact: if your consumer asks a question on one of your social media feeds or blog, make sure to answer them.

• Stop talking TO consumers: make sure you use words like “we”, “you”, “our” and be casual, use slang.

Using The Personal Touch

Creating a personal connection with your consumer can benefit your brand greatly. Let’s face it, people are emotional creatures and loyalty stems from a sense of trust and closeness. Brands today forget that the consumer needs to feel like they are a part of the brand and more than just money in the bank.

But creating that personal touch doesn’t just relate to face-to-face or online communication, every piece of content you put out needs to have your personal touch. In a crowded market, brands all try to be the same kind of different and it all ends up the same. Remember, the difference between emotion and reason is that emotion creates action.

Start Creating Brand Loyalty

W5 Partners understands your needs as a brand and can help you understand how to build your brand loyalty. We don’t just advice, we give you insight into your consumers and help you create the content you need.

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