How to Retain Customer Loyalty with New and Old Customers

retaining customer loyalty Yes, being an enthusiastic and attentive business owner towards new customers is easy. But when a customer returns and becomes a usual, do business owners or members of staff still treat them the same as before? For a company that wants to begin building trust with customers to gain their loyalty, we often find that it is vitally important for a business to create a sense of shared values with a customer. Building this relationship does not have to be a difficult task, to yield great benefits. But the end result should be that you begin to lay the foundations for a customer’s intention to want to be a return visitor to your business. By doing something as simple as offering a customer a free cup of coffee and asking how their day has been, will put the business well on its way to building a strong customer relationship that creates brand loyalty – for both new and the regular old customer. A quote by author and speaker Bob Hooey said – “If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitors will”. This quote begs the question- are you willing to have a loss of customers due to the efforts of your competitors, or are you willing to put in the time and effort to retain them?
  • How should I treat my customers?
Like I stated above, you want to make them feel welcome all the time – offer them that free cup of coffee, or anything for that matter to start making them feel comfortable around you and your business. Think of it like this, when you go to visit someone whether friend or college. Isn’t it nice when they take care of your every need and greet you like they haven’t seen you for years? Well then why not do the same for your customers.
  • Ensure an all-round enthusiastic staff presence
Let’s say you as a business owner are not in your office or store to be able to greet your valued customers to ensure you are continuously building their relationships with you and ultimately their brand loyalty. Then who can you turn to in your business to ensure this relationship building continues? Making sure your front of office staff who are always present and customer facing- are always positive and helpful will assist you as a business brand to retain that brand loyalty. Think of a time when you experience bad service from a member of staff at your local grocer. How long did it take for you to reconsider going back there to spend your hard earned money? Thus, why would your customers want to come back to you, in that case?
  • Never forget a name or a face
Making sure you remember a customer’s name is the most important part of building the relationship. You can not exactly be calling him or her mam or sir for ever, unless they appreciate that kind of thing. By remembering a client’s name and introducing them to your floor staff, you have a better chance of remembering their names.
  • Always be attentive and listen
By always interacting and listening carefully to the customers needs they will begin to feel more valued at your place of business. This will not only help improve the customer loyalty, but will also make the process of assisting the customer a lot smoother.
  • Be appreciative (SAY THANK YOU)
Always be kind and grateful to a customer for their decision to purchase your products or services. This makes them feel appreciated and demonstrates to them that they are not just numbers in your till but always seen as a guest you love having come over. If you would like to know more about how to customer loyalty and how to fix your brand awareness. CONTACT W5 PARTNERS TODAY, and lets us help you and your business achieve brand excellence today.

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