Targeting a Shopper’s Journey

shopper journey research w5 partners   With online shopping making it easy to buy anything, any time, from anywhere in the world, people are spoiled for choice. And whether online or in-store, as a brand you want to be at the top of any shopper’s list. Many brands think it’s sufficient to be in the world, on a shelf, ready to be purchased, but there is so much more to a shopper’s journey than looking at what’s available. Choice is something that people love, but shopping can be an autopilot response for many. So how do you change their mind so they pick your brand? With a marketing plan designed to target the shopper’s journey.

Understanding the Shopper Journey

When a person needs to take a shopping trip, there is always a plan in place. Whether it’s an online shopping store or a supermarket down the road, the shopper has already decided how they are going to approach the journey and what they need. In order to better understand the shopper journey, aisle you need to some shopper research. Shopper research will give you excellent insight into your shopper’s journey. It takes a look at what your shopper sees when they walk through aisles and how they experience the journey. Small insights can help you better promote your product in a competitor rich market like a supermarket. For example:
  • Is a shopper irritated that the brand they recognise or love isn’t easy to find? This is a great opportunity to put your brand in the forefront of the shelves.
  • Would a coupon make your shopper switch brands? Coupons can be valuable marketing tools.
  • Are they browsers or on autopilot? Browsers will make a detour in to an aisle or store if something catches their eye. People on autopilot have a plan and will walk into a store with specific items in mind. You need to know how to attract both.

Looking at Online Shopping

Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and this means that people are starting to shop differently. While the journey is similar, online shoppers will search for what they want before they get to the store. Their journey starts by picking an online route that will typically fall into one of five shopping categories:
  • Looking at special offers
  • Browse by theme or product
  • Using search engines to find a specific product
  • Using recipes and buying the ingredients
  • Using shopping lists within an online store
While it may seem like shoppers go online with a product and brand in mind, it’s possible to capitalise on check out points and commonly used sites. Recommendations can sway shoppers to change their brand or buy your product by association. Some might say it’s easier to market to online shoppers as the journey allows you to better understand their needs and market accordingly.

The Age of Shopper Marketing

Whether you’re targeting online shoppers or in-store shoppers, you need to uncover their journey and market directly to them. W5 Partners are experts in shopper research. We’ll help you walk in the shoes of your shoppers and help you build the ultimate marketing plan just for them. Content W5 Partners now and discover your shopper’s journey. Contact W5 Partners [Click here]

By Mzama Xala & Lisa Alton

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