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The World of Marketing: What’s Going Wrong and How to Change It

Marketing has become its own entity within companies and while doing things in-house may seem like a good idea, it’s easy to make mistakes. Many businesses today, especially small businesses, find that their marketing has fallen flat. In some cases, a small mistake on social media brings the walls down. These are all avoidable mistakes that can potentially harm your brand. Making sure you’re implementing the right marketing for your brand is important. Mistakes in marketing start from the inside and while you might think you’ve got it all figured out, it’s easy to make mistakes when you don’t look at the big picture.

4 Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make Today

  1. Market to your consumer, NOT your CEO.
The biggest mistake made in marketing today is everyone’s fear that the boss won’t like it. This is not the right way to think when implementing a marketing campaign. The point of a marketing campaign is to attract your consumer, so if you sell ladies shoes, surely the big ‘man’ at the top, is not your customer. Yes, make sure the campaign is in line with your brand and that the boss likes the overall idea, but remember that the final product must appeal to your consumer. And that’s not always the boss.
  1. Use multiple platforms and maintain continuity
You can’t advertise on one medium and expect to get results. Times have changed and people don’t consume advertising the same anymore, they don’t have to watch TV ads, they can ignore billboards. That’s why you need to make sure you market on several different platforms and maintain continuity throughout. Make sure what you are saying on social media ties in with your print or radio campaign.
  1. Create a marketing plan and strategy
In order to start any venture you need a plan. Your marketing plan should outline what mediums you’ll be using, the frequency of your campaign and what you want everything to look/sound like. But before that can happen it’s important to come up with a marketing strategy. While a plan outlines how everything will look, a strategy takes an in-depth look into your brand and outlines what your brand needs to excel, what needs to change to get there, and how much money you’re able to spend to do it.
  1. Know your social media
Social media is the market of today, word-of-mouth is the marketing plan everyone wants to perfect. But social media can be tricky. Never allow posts that don’t fall in line with your brand culture, remember to engage with your followers, and be original. The biggest mistake businesses can make is to post an offensive or inappropriate item, this will alienate your brand and produce unwanted publicity.

How to Make the Change

W5 Partners are leaders in the world of selling your brand. We understand the world of marketing and have the know-how to make sure that those unwanted marketing mistakes are avoided. We can advise you on what you’re doing wrong and help you change it. Call W5 Partners now. By Mzama Xala & Lisa Alton w5 partners Home page
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