Development Finance


Development Finance:

We are proud to say we have created and also managed perceptions in this crucial industry responsible for funding individuals and companies interested in moving our country’s economy forward. Firstly with TIA transforming an entity that has traditionally not had a clearly understood offering, and purpose because of its formation coming off many Departments of Science and Technology entity mergers. We have equipped TIA with a unified organisational purpose and behaviour with our marketing capabilities, together with a new brand promise and refined corporate identity to clearly communicate to the right audiences, and inspire them to keep moving South Africa’s technology innovation leadership potential forward. We have also worked with other leading branding specialist in conducting brand research to understand the needs of the local housing market, that helped the National Housing Finance Corporation, NHFC, launch a new product for the lower end market who usually do not qualify for loan collateral rights. The creation of the product Mortgage Default Insurance Company, or MDIC, required that we use insight activations dive deep into the lives of our key stakeholders being the National Department of Human Settlements, the construction industry, our banking sector as well as to understand the needs of our potential customers in order to know what the key messages would have to be when speaking to them. From an NHFC perspective we had to immerse ourselves in that particular brand, conducting stakeholder interviews to uncover key themes that would then inform the right consumer proposition we would give to our customers.