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Financial Services:

W5 has forged a relationship with Liberty, providing their employees with a workplace approach designed to ensure they are committed to their organisation’s goals and values; are motivated to contribute organisational success, and that they are able to enhance their own sense of wellbeing at the same time. We believe in releasing the true potential in employees, and we aim to help companies across all industries build strong internal communication and employee engagement for better productivity. The Emerging Consumer Market, ECM, division at Liberty needed a way of boosting their sales drive. W5 provided Liberty with sales enablement and marketing training tools and conferences specific for ECM division. The tools and conferences are mainly built off a motivational team in order to build ECM confidence and equip the division to push sales. The benefit of the tools (communication media such as mailers, posters, activities, that drive message according to theme) and the conference (aimed at uplifting the ECM spirit midyear when they need to be pushing more sales) the output is that of organisational award and person reward for the employee. When organisation and employee together are able to move forward W5 has done our share in Marketing training.