Tools and solutions

E document development:

Designing a new business brand requires more just a name. We provide brand proposition and a purpose to build a business framework, and internal employee behavior requirement to deliver brand purpose design to customers.

Services business design:

Building a differentiated service delivery to drive business growth is more than just a “how can we help you?; we pinpoint customer and technology services pain points in the business service value chain to unlock customer bottle necks, and business process value destroyers and map future service engagements employees can deliver.

We, AT W5 Partners want empower organisations to develop, run & champion their own processes whilst leading change. We strive to co-create customised solutions based on the pain-points & identified barriers, to drive marketing excellence and develop a star organisation. For us, marketing capability is about helping teams deliver total business value & cross-functional impact through the right behavioural, managerial and technical systems to drive change all the way to the front line and truly impact the bottom line.

Employee belief is a key driver of talent attraction, engagement and retention. We want to ignite what organisations believe in through employee brand engagement, which we believe is both a process and an outcome, which needs to focus on points of value and reasons to believe.

With our corporate, business unit and brand strategy experience we are able to help you develop intensive growth strategies (market penetration, market development, alternative channels, product development, new products for new customers); integrative growth strategies across your value chain as well as diversification.

We are able to assist you in understanding how to tailor your existing plan to generate profits, and point out where alternative opportunities exist as well as crafting your plans for new business.

From insight analysis and idea generation through to development and commercialisation, we are able to drive and facilitate developing new value for businesses.

W5 Partners makes use of innovative technology to leverage solutions for maximum impact across the value chain.